How to Choose the Right Ball

How to Choose the Right Ball

Apr 13, 2022Shayna Seidner


Before getting into the different brands of balls and there, according to speed and swing it best correlates to them, let's shed some background information on the anatomy of the golf ball. The golf ball essentially consists of three different components: dimples, core, and cover. 


Ever wondered about the purpose of dimples on a golf ball? Dimples actually help the golf ball fly. The dimples create a thin layer of air that ends up increasing lift and decreasing aerodynamic drag. The core of the golf ball is in direct correlation with compression. Higher compression balls will gear towards more experienced golfers with faster swing speeds while lower compression balls will better benefit golfers with slower swing speeds looking to get the optimal distance in their game. Finally, the covers of golf balls are one of two types, Surlyn or urethane. Surlyn covers offer high durability and lower spin-off the tee while urethane covers will cater towards getting a softer feel and more control with the ball. 


When choosing the best golf ball, golfers will want to focus on the areas of their golf game where improvement could lead to lowering your scores. Will more distance off the tee help improve your game, or would you prefer to have more control over your ball around the greens?


My suggestion for beginner golfers or golfers with higher handicaps will want to favor low-spin distance golfers balls such as the Srixon Soft Feel, Titleist Tour Soft, or Velocity These balls will also benefit golfers that swing anywhere between 70-80 mph with high consistency, soft feel and low-spin for straighter shots by reducing sidespin. 


For the average golfer that swings anywhere from 80-90 mph, golf balls such as the Titleist AVX, Srixon Q-Star. This category of golf balls will offer the golfer a great feel off the clubface, more distance, and provide the right amount of workability around the greens. 


Golfers with more experience and lower handicaps that typically swing above 90mph will find that the Titleist ProV1, Titleist ProV1X, Srixon Z-Star, and TaylorMade TP5 provide reduced spin, increased accuracy, softer feel, and offers high wedge spin with their urethane covers. 


Overall, have a great time trying different golf balls and find that one that will take your game to the next level!


-Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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