"1st Tee bars are my first choice for nutrition before and during a round. Sustained energy means a sharp mental game on every shot. Don't tee off without them!"


The 1st and 10th Tee Bars are my all time favorite bars. Whether I am on or off the golf course, they provide the best energy and fuel to carry me throughout the day. The 10th Tee Plus+ Peanut Honey Energy Bar is my favorite bar to give me a boost for the back nine!


My name is Ben Cook and I am professional golfer on the Latino America PGA tour. With these big trips it is essential to have quality food and snacks with you. These last couple of weeks I have been playing over the world and I was able to take my 1st and 10th Tee bars with me. Before every round I was able to get the focus I needed with the 1st Tee bar. To keep my energy up throughout the round I made sure to bring a couple of 10th Tee bars with me. They keep my energy levels high and help me finish my rounds strong!


"I love the 10th Tee Plus+ Peanut Honey bar, and use it halfway through the round to replenish my energy. I also use 1st Tee Plus+ Oatmeal Raisin bars in the morning before a round, especially if I have not had the chance to have breakfast."

Stuart EbersteinGOLFER

"My wife and I are enjoying the 10th Tee bars. We each have our favorite flavors, and the bars help provide a boost on the back nine of our golf round. Great flavors, and provides the boost needed to complete our golf rounds.

Net TurnbullGOLFER

A senior golf companion introduced me to 10th Tee Bars several years ago. He touted the energy benefits of having a bar at the turn. I have been a regular user since. He was correct about the benefit they provide on the second nine. As important to me is the enjoyment of the bars. The taste and texture is great. My wife and grandchildren help me consume my every six weeks subscription. I have only sampled the other bar options.


I've recently changed my daily nutrition, on and off the golf course, and the 1st and 10th Tee bars have come up big for me! I always have at least one or two bars in my bag to make sure I'm fueled up during the round. Before I started eating these bars, I ate a combo of protein bars and almonds. I've noticed an immediate difference in my energy levels throughout the round since switching to these healthy snack bars! Off the course, I've got to keep an eye on my bars because my wife and son like to take them for themselves! Can't say I blame them!


"1st Tee and 10th Tee bars are what I trust to eat for my tour events each week. I love the 10th Tee Plus Chocolate Peanut Caramel Energy bar. It gives me energy to finish my golf rounds strong. The 1st Tee bars are a great substitute for breakfast in the morning. I highly recommend these bars to any level golfer!"


"I have been eating 1st and 10th Tee bars for as long as I can remember. Sometimes a 1st Tee bar is all I need to last me for the round. It's very hard to find something that tastes really good and it also is good for you. 1st and 10th Tee bars have my full recommendation!"

Ross & Karen HubbardGOLFERS

"We have been eating the 10th Tee bars for more than 15 years. We bought our first 1st and 10th Tee bars while walking the course at Poppy Hills, CA. After we moved to Georgia we continued to enjoy these bars, especially in the summer heat of July and August. We both feel our concentration on the game is enhanced after consumpiton of the 10th Tee, along with lots of water. These bars are our go-to snack. We even take them on our kayak trips on the lake aorund us."