10 Tips to Consider for College Recruiting

10 Tips to Consider for College Recruiting

Jul 13, 2020Shayna Seidner

When it comes to the College Recruiting Process here are 10 Tips to consider before committing. 

Do the research   

No one will give you the information. You have to be proactive and do the research. Know what you are looking for and take initiative to find it. 

Play your best 

Playing golf is not cheap. There are great tours for junior golf around the country that won’t break the bank for parents. If the player can shoot a certain number they are already making a name for themselves.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move 

Don't be afraid to make the first move with colleges. It’s okay to be proactive and initiate conversation. Go after what you want to achieve.

Stay organized    

Staying organized is self explanatory but it is something that should not be overlooked. Keeping records will only help getting through this college recruiting process. 

Be honest with yourself 

Trust your instincts and throughout this whole process remain honest with yourself and whoever you are in contact with. 

Know the Rules 

It is best to know the rules and use them to your advantage. I understand this is a step that seems least pleasant, but it’s a step that will save you in the long term. 

Relationships with Coaches 

Your relationship with the Head Coach is very important. When you sign the Letter of Intent, the arrangement is solely between the player, head coach and college. Play for who you get along with and share similar goals to your own.

Reach out to others 

It will only be an advantage talking to players who have been through collegiate golf or currently on a team to get real insight. This information is imperative. There are a lot of variables involved that aren't seen at the superficial level of college recruiting that can make or break a decision. 

Set goals 

Setting goals and knowing what you want will be a great reference to go back to throughout this process to keep the player grounded and not overwhelmed.

Don't forget to have fun 

Above all else, this process should be full of excitement. It’s a great opportunity to play collegiate golf. 

- Paige Lee

Professional Golfer


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