Improve your Ball-Striking

Improve your Ball-Striking

Jun 09, 2020Shayna Seidner

Improve your Ball-Striking

Do you want to improve your ball striking? Do you want to create a divot after the ball? Do you want to improve your consistency? 

Here is a simple drill that is very efficient and offers the player immediate feedback and it only requires a golf towel, golf club and golf balls. This drill will heighten your awareness of impact and the contact between the club, golf club and ground. After this drill, you will see an improvement in your ball striking, consistency and see that perfect divot after the ball like the pros. 

This drill is known as the Towel Drill: 

The player wants to place a fold towel in half on the ground approximately 3 inches behind the ball. What this will do is force you to make contact with the ball first and not the ground or towel during the drill

The player can set up normally and hit 5 shots and the player will recognize where they are making that first contact, whether it be the ball or towel. 

If the player finds themselves hitting the towel most of the time, they can start hitting the ball with a half swing to get the correct sensation to make contact with the ball first then gradually move back to full swings. 

Making solid contact can tremendously elevate your game and ball striking. Practicing this drill during practice, the player will see an increase in their ball striking, consistency in contact and a divot pattern (after the ball) emerge, suggesting the correct impact of the shot. 

Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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