Ending Stronger than You Started

Ending Stronger than You Started

Jun 06, 2019Bill Stewart

I’m a big planner and I alway want to make sure I am prepared in any situation. My friends call me the mom of the group because I’m the one carrying anything they might need from band-aids to hand sanitizer. This practice of mine is no different when I head to the golf course. I want to be certain I have what I need at all times. I know I get hungry throughout the day so when I am burning energy on the golf course, I want to be prepared.

We talked about how Golf Energy Bar’s 1st Tee PLUS+ bars keep you calm and focused when heading towards the first tee, but now you need something to make sure you remain on top of your game. I always make sure to pack Golf Energy Bar’s 10th Tee PLUS+ bars with me in my “mom bag” of goodies.

The 10th Tee PLUS+ bars have green tea and ginseng to help you end strong and confident. These ingredients add so much benefit to your golf game.

  1. Green Tea: The US National Library of Medicine says Green Tea is known to increase 24-hour energy in people. Though you don’t need that energy for that long (even if it  sometimes may feel that way), Green Tea Extract can help you keep your energy up in the back half of the course.
  2. Ginseng: Ginseng and Green Tea work together to keep you confident on the golf course. The Journal of Korean Medical Science notes that Ginseng helps increase energy and enhance athletic performance. Exactly what you need to boost your confidence and finish your game stronger than you started.

We’ve made it past the first tee jitters. It’s getting to the middle of the day and the sun is at its highest. You’re getting hungry and you can feel your energy slowly draining with every step you take. Your game has been going strong but you need to keep your energy up.

Golf Energy Bar’s 10th Tee PLUS+ bars have what you need to make sure you are on top of your game. I keep both Chocolate Peanut Caramel and Peanut Honey in my bag, just in case a friend also needs a bit of an energy boost. Both will help your golf game and have you ending strong and confident.

So while planning you next golf game think ahead give your body the energy it needs keep you ahead of everyone else.  

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