The First Tee is No Longer an Issue

The First Tee is No Longer an Issue

May 06, 2019Shayna Seidner

The sun is shining down. The grass is crisp and greener than ever. Your heart is racing as you step towards the first tee.

You grab your club, put your ball down and take a breath. 

We all know this feeling. The first tee jitters. It takes a lot of practice and control to make sure your time on the course is well spent. All the practice leads up to that first moment. That’s why I make sure to start my tee time off right with a Golf Energy Bar 1st Tee PLUS+ bar.

The 1st Tee Plus+ bars are packed with protein, chamomile, hops and valerian root, all ingredients to make sure those first tee jitters are a thing of the past. Golf Energy Bar puts time and effort into making sure their bars have what golfers need to play their best. Here’s what I found out about these ingredients that makes me grab a bar before hitting the course.


  1. Chamomile: It’s great for your tea so why not your energy bar? Golf Energy Bars adds chamomile to their bars to help those nerves. According to the US National Library of Medicine, chamomile has traditionally been used as a mild sedative to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. With your heart beating as you're walking up to the first tee, that chamomile is so helpful in eliminating that feeling.
  2. Hops: In a study done by Harokapio University in Greece, the Humulus lupulus L. plant, or hops, helped reduce the stress of young adults. The herbal medicinal product is used for anxiety and they found a significant difference in their overall well being. This along with the chamomile will make sure you are feeling most calm golfing and heading towards the first tee.
  3. Valerian Root: Commonly used for insomnia patients, Valerian Root will help you stay calm and focused as you start your tee time. Don’t worry you won’t fall asleep on the course, you’ll just be ahead of your friends keeping your eye on the prize and feeling at the top of your game.


I always make sure to stock up on Golf Energy Bar’s 1st Tee PLUS+ bars. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Peanut but I keep Oatmeal Raisin on hand just in case I want to switch it up. It’s a great source of energy before heading to the golf course. In golf you have to practice like a champion and I make my practice count with my 1st Tee PLUS+ bars. Now to make sure this energy stays the same heading towards the 10th tee.

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