Food is our Energy

Food is our Energy

Apr 01, 2019Shayna Seidner

Whether you’re a weekend warrior on the course or golfing is your everyday job, the human body will always work the same. Food is our energy. What you put into your body gets turned into fuel for your activities throughout the day. Here are a few of my tips for getting the most out of your food before, and during, your round of golf.

  1.     Eat a good meal beforehand. The meal you eat before you head to the course will be your energy source for the majority of that round. Slamming some coffee and a doughnut is not going to cut it, I’m sorry to say. I try to always incorporate protein, carbs, and a healthy fat. This usually is a breakfast sandwich on a healthy bread choice with eggs and avocado.

  1.     Pack your own food. I know it might be tasty and convenient, but that hot dog at the turn window is not going to give your body what it needs to keep going. I won’t even go into the topic of drinking alcohol while playing golf, because I think we all get the idea on that one. I’m talking about those more serious rounds of golf where you’re not there to have beers with your buds (but if you want a better chance at taking their money, let them have the beers while you’re munching on your almonds and protein bar). I usually pack a healthy sandwich that has some veggies on it and some good protein. Energy bars are also very convenient and tasty, and the right energy bars can give you the ingredients your body needs to stay fueled. My personal favorite is the gluten-free Cranberry Trail Mix 10th Tee Bar.

  1.     Don’t wait until you feel hungry. I know we all get distracted trying to hurry up to our next shot so that we keep pace and don’t get yelled at by the course marshal, but always try to have a snack in the front of your golf cart or in an easily accessible pocket in your golf bag. Once you feel hungry, you are already lacking the energy you need to continue strong in your round. Try to snack continually on healthy foods, such as almonds, a banana, or an apple. Try to avoid sugary snacks like candy bars, as those may give you an initial spike in energy, but then they leave you with a sugar crash if you don’t continue taking in more sugar.

Follow these tips to give your body the support it needs to shoot your lowest round of golf, and then you can go celebrate with some pizza and ice cream!

-Whitney Hickman

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