Focusing on the Fundamentals

Focusing on the Fundamentals

Aug 02, 2021Shayna Seidner

At all stages in golf, the fundamentals never change. In a game where there are lots of variables involved, it's comforting to know the fundamentals in golf remain unchanged. That's why it is so important to take your time to really master the fundamentals in golf. The fundamentals encompass your golf grip, stance, posture and ball position. With deliberate practice you can improve your fundamentals immediately. 

Grip: In golf it is best not to go to the extremes. A neutral grip is more versatile for hitting any type of shot. A neutral grip being the grip settling at the base of your fingers in the left hand as well as the right. When you look down at your grip you should see 2 knuckles on your left hand and 2 knuckles on the right hand. A change in your grip will feel weird at first, but keep with it and you will see the benefits in your future golf. 

Stance: Having a consistent and stable stance will only help you improve your game. Having a good fundamental stance will aid in having better alignment, become consistent in striking the ball and maintain the correct weight balance. Having all these elements in good shape will set you up for success. 

Posture: Maintaining a good athletic posture is key in striking the ball well. With good posture, you create consistency in your ball striking. Typically shots hit heavy or thin are the results from your posture at impact. Having a good athletic posture will also aid all golfers in making a good turn through the ball. 

Ball position: Ball position is something really fun to experiment with. Ball position typically changes with each club in the bag. The lower lofted clubs will be more in line with your left foot (right handed golfer), the Driver being off your left heel. The higher lofted clubs will be more in the center of your stance or slightly towards your right foot. With that being said, moving your ball position forwards or backwards can affect the flight trajectory of the ball and change where you strike down on the ball. Have some fun on the range and experiment all these different possibilities. 

You might have noticed a lot of these fundamentals are done before you even hit a ball. I would argue to say having a good setup is a big portion of the battle to hitting a well struck shot. These fundamentals are all in your control. With practice, any golfer of any skill level can improve their game and lower their scores!

-Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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