Creating an Effective Post-Shot Routine

Creating an Effective Post-Shot Routine

Nov 17, 2021Shayna Seidner

The post-shot routine is greatly overshadowed. But never underestimate the importance of a well throughout and deliberate post-shot routine. Having a consistent post-shot routine will help golfers build confidence, stay positive and realistic after each golf shot. Every time you hit a golf ball we should all be learning something. That knowledge in itself is very powerful. Golf is such a mental game, something you can have moving in a positive way will help you lower your scores. 

Here are 3 tips on creating an effective post-shot routine:

 1. No judgement: After you hit your shot, step back and objectively determine what happened without any judgment or opinion. Did your ball move leave, right, straight? Was it short, long or on target? Was it struck thin, heavy or in the center of the face? These are some questions for you to answer yourself after each shot. After you have determined these answers, you will now know what you need to correct or change for future shots.

2.  The corrections: After figuring out what your shot did and ended up in an objective perspective, you now can begin to determine the corrections or changes for the next shot. This encompasses if you may need to club up or down, aim more left or right, or any other changes you may need to implement on the next hole. Immediately determining  these changes will help all golfers end, making the same mistakes over and over again, which we all know is very frustrating.

3. Always end on a positive note: After objectively determining what took place with your shot, figuring out the corrections needed for the next shot, say something positive to yourself either out loud or in your mind. Golf is a hard enough sport on its own. You really need to be your own best friend while playing. There isn't much use in beating yourself down and continuing to make the same mistakes. You are in control and telling yourself positive and encouraging thoughts will only keep you moving forward and having a great time out on the course.

 - Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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