The Impact of Social Media on the Golf Industry

The Impact of Social Media on the Golf Industry

Jan 12, 2022Shayna Seidner

Like it or not, in the last decade social media has had a significant impact on the golf industry in more ways than one. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok have changed and shaped the way the golf industry communicates with the world. 

Specifically, social media platforms have allowed, golf courses to build an online community with their customers and members. Facebook and Instagram offer a forum to easily communicate and distribute an abundance of information to anyone interested in that specific golf course in general. It's a great way to communicate to customers and members about golf leagues, tournaments, special promotions, memberships and so much more. This type of engagement really opens up constant communication that is readily available for anyone on social media. For customers to be able to communicate directly with said golf courses, golf businesses provide great customer service that goes beyond what the golf shop or call center are capable of doing, which only creates a bond between business and customer. 

Social media has also allowed the golf industry to engage with younger and older generations. It is so important to continue growing the game of golf and having such a young audience on Instagram and Tik Tok encourage many to pick up the game. It's captivating to see children become enamored with a quick video or photo from a golfer on Tour and having the excitement of wanting to be them. And on the other hand, Facebook has created such a great space for friend groups of all ages to get together and enjoy a round of golf with old and new friends. 

On a little more serious note social media platforms have also addressed some serious topics with being a famous athlete. While social media can be heavily one sided, only highlighting the good. It’s rare to see what’s behind the veil of everyday life. Social media has opened a place where athletes are able to show some vulnerability. A snapshot into their lives, the high success you see on the course and the daily grind. For the good and bad, social media has humanized many professional golfers.

- Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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