How Do You Stay Focused Throughout Your Round

How Do You Stay Focused Throughout Your Round

Jun 21, 2021Shayna Seidner

Golf is a long game. It is a game of endurance. From being on the course for 4-5 hours it can be difficult to keep your focus. Here are some ways I stay focused during my rounds:

My Coach, Noah Montgomery has always said, “stay in the present,” simple but very impactful. Staying present in the moment means not getting ahead of yourself as well as dwelling on the past, which are both easy to do during 5 hour rounds of golf. Focusing on the shot in front of you has tremendously helped me keep my focus where it is needed and lessened the time and energy on thoughts that are not beneficial for my game. 

Another way I stay focused during my round is to stay hydrated and eat plenty of snacks (1st and 10th Tee Bars) every few holes. By drinking enough water, electrolytes and snacks I am fueling my brain with energy to stay alert which in turn will help me stay sharp for the last stretch. Some of my favorite snacks are the Peanut Honey 10th Tee bars and the SCNS Sports Food Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky. They taste great and are made of ingredients that help fuel the body and brain during competition. 

Having a very specific pre and post shot routine really helps me remain focused during my round. Devoting time into creating a pre and post shot routine really helped me calm my nerves and become hyper focused on what I want to accomplish for the shot I am about to hit. Getting into a routine keeps you consistent with your thought process. The better you stick with your pre and post shot routines, the better you can stay focused on what you want to achieve.

- Paige Lee

Professional Golfer

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