My Pre Shot Routine

My Pre Shot Routine

Oct 28, 2019Team Reason Collaborator


The pre shot routine is a very important process of preparation before hitting the shot in front of  you. It is essential to stay calm and focused on what you want to happen. 

Just before starting my pre shot routine, I stand next to the ball taking in all elements of the shot. This includes the consideration of the weather conditions, the lie, the slope, the distance and club to name a few. After gathering such information I begin behind the ball, taking a few seconds to determine my target and exactly where I want my ball to end up. 

My Coach, Noah Montgomery has always said, “the smaller the target the smaller the miss” meaning picking a very specific target narrows in your focus and creates a small margin for error in your mind. 

Visualization is another aspect of importance when it comes to my pre shot routine and anyones for that matter. Visualization is where you can apply your  imagination. Perfect example was seen at the 2005 Masters on hole 16, where Tiger woods chipped in from behind the green. We have witnessed the intensity of Tiger Woods approaching that chip shot and the imagination he utilized using the slope to his advantage. Turning a highly difficult shot into an unforgettable memory for the world of golf. 

With two practice swings of how I am going to swing for that particular shot, I then walk into the ball, line up my feet accordingly to my target and swing with no thought in mind. Then whatever happens, smile and move on to the next. It could be your best shot yet. Enjoy the game and have a great time!

-Paige Lee

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