Trust the Process

Trust the Process

Sep 30, 2019Team Reason Collaborator

It only takes one mental lapse to let the game of golf deceive you.  It only takes one distraction to make a mistake. It only takes one small change to your golf swing to alter everything you practice, learned, and re-taught yourself.  It’s the game of golf, but it mirrors our quest in life to be that much better. As a college athlete (tennis), I never realized how much playing an individual sport would help me excel later in life.  Mental toughness defines you, make that your strongest attribute.


If you don’t already know me personally or digitally (ha), my name is Randall and a few short years ago I started a golf account (@golfasreligion) to pursue this golf passion all while trying to balance family, work, friends, and everything else.  It grew, brand relationships sprouted, and courses featured me or let me feature them. While all great for the common person, what matters is the relationships you built and cherishing the people you play with. When I made that commitment to myself, it was to enjoy the game, but as soon as I started, I was too much of a competitor to not tirelessly improve my golf game.  Yes, you are reading from a golf addict. It’s a way of life, it’s a drug, and it’s my sanctuary. Whether it’s sinking a 30-foot putt or flushing an iron, it all equals happiness when I am on the course. Those feelings don’t even really matter, it’s everything else that happens that shapes the overall experience. Just being out there is enough...


In 2018, I made a push to improve my single digit handicap by learning as much as I could about golf.  As an amateur with no lessons and it not being my primary sport, I needed to work extra hard to achieve anything.  It’s paid off, but it’s because of one key lesson that I learned this past year.




No, it’s not keeping the glove logo down toward the ball on the takeaway to correct opening the face.  No, it’s not keeping the left heel down to avoid losing balance and maintaining stability. No, it’s not how high my backswing is or how good it looks.  


Trust it my friends. The process being that golf is more than a sport or hobby, it’s a time-suck and the more you practice, the more you learn, and the more you embrace the game and enjoy the hurdles that ultimately make you better.  Success is about the steps it takes to get there, not the result. If you believe success is that, then you are cheating yourself. I never on the tennis court thought I couldn’t beat someone. I never on the golf course thought I couldn’t improve.  Keeping my focus on what I can control, the next shot, and my overall health, fitness, performance while on the course was all I needed. So, for me, it’s not about that one key tip or the 30 different drills. It’s the head, the mentality, the mental toughness that drives my brain to balance a family of 4, a growing career, and every other passion I have of which one is number 1: THE GAME OF GOLF.


If you can do yourself one favorite read “The Greatest Game Ever Played” by Mark Frost.  We all are against the odds, life is unfair, create your own memories by overcoming everyone else’s excuses.  Trust the Process.


Randall Smally

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