1st Tee Stories

Five Habits a Golfer Must Develop to Level up Their Game
Oct 17, 2022
Professional golfers are not born, they are made. Every successful golfer rose to the top by working hard and prudently. Amateur golfers and enthusiasts who want to level up their game can do so by incorporating these five habits into their routine.
Sep 12, 2022
Our game will improve if you focus more on the successes and pay less attention to the errors. Take the time to appreciate a well-played shot as it flies toward your target and lands in the area you intended. This will imprint a positive image in your mind and help to build your confidence.
Playing In The Zone
Aug 08, 2022
 It starts with training that requires some conscious intention to groove the most efficient habits in the setup and swing. Consciously thinking about technique is something that should only be done in practice,
Jul 11, 2022
What sets champions apart from the also-rans? The mental game. And the cornerstone of the mental strength of champions is confidence.
Epson Tour, The New Road To The LPGA
May 10, 2022
The Epson Tour is also working diligently towards cutting the entry fees for players by 10 percent. When you break it down, if a player is registered for every event, that player will be able to save $1000 on the entire season entry fees alone.
How to Choose the Right Ball
Apr 13, 2022
Ever wondered about the purpose of dimples on a golf ball? Dimples actually help the golf ball fly. The dimples create a thin layer of air that ends up increasing lift and decreasing aerodynamic drag.