1st Tee Stories

How Do You Stay Focused Throughout Your Round
Jun 21, 2021
My Coach, Noah Montgomery has always said, “stay in the present,” simple but very impactful. Staying present in the moment means not getting ahead of yourself as well as dwelling on the past, which are both easy to do during 5 hour rounds of golf.
How To Get Better At Golf For The Average Golfer
Jun 08, 2021
Being realistic and honest about where your game currently is and what you're willing to do is most of the battle. Trusting the process and staying grounded will most definitely aid all golfers in improving their games.
A Snapshot of Noah Montgomery’s Coaching Career
May 04, 2021
Noah has quickly separated himself as a Golf Instructor in a very short amount of time. Someone could call it luck, but the people who are close to him, know it's nothing short of just plain hard work, and determination. 
The Unsung Heroes of Golf: Sports Photography 
Apr 05, 2021
Sports photographers are another group within the golf industry that are tremendously overlooked. Instagram has surely changed the game of photography. You see all these high quality photographs, but it seems no one quite understands the work or thanks the persons behind the camera lens. Contrary to belief, there is more to photography than snapping a few photos. I had the privilege of talking with Mr. Heathcote, who is a Getty Images Sports Photographer.
The Unsung Heroes of Golf
Feb 25, 2021
Within these groups that encompass the golf industry, there are a few unsung heroes of golf. I want to take this time to thank them all for what they do. A few of these unsung heroes are the volunteers, coaches, outside staff and the superintendents.
Cactus Tour, Through Thick and Thin. Dedicated to Women’s Golf
Jan 21, 2021
It’s great to see golf and women’s golf safely continue. The Cactus Tour not only offers a platform for these women to chase their dream, but also shows great strength and encouragement in projecting golf and women's golf.