1st Tee Stories

Best Practice Habits
Aug 26, 2019
“I’d rather you grab a small bucket and make every single ball count than grab a large and just ‘drag and swing’ for an hour.” -Michael Midgette, PGA As a PGA Professional and Instructor who’s passionate about the competitive side of the game, I’d like to share some of my observations and recommendations concerning PRACTICE. The top three “complaints” I hear from amateur golfers I coach are:
The Challenges of Golf
Aug 01, 2019
The game of golf is a lot different than the other sports. I believe the #1 overall challenge in golf is that you are out on the course alone. No teammates to back you up if you happen to make a mistake, no players on the bench waiting to substitute in to give you a break if you start to slip a bit. You, against the course, 5 hours of a mental and physical test.
What's in The Bag
Jul 14, 2019
Hey there! My name is Whitney Hickman, and I am currently a professional golfer on the mini-tour circuit. I’m going to give you guys a little WITB (What’s in the Bag), and also let you in on a few of my favorite must-have accessories when I’m practicing or on the course. 
Ending Stronger than You Started
Jun 06, 2019
I’m a big planner and I alway want to make sure I am prepared in any situation. My friends call me the mom of the group because I’m the one carrying anything they might need from band-aids to hand sanitizer. This practice of mine is no different when I head to the golf course. I want to be certain I have what I need at all times. I know I get hungry throughout the day so when I am burning energy on the golf course, I want to be prepared.
The First Tee is No Longer an Issue
May 06, 2019
We all know this feeling. The first tee jitters. It takes a lot of practice and control to make sure your time on the course is well spent. All the practice leads up to that first moment. That’s why I make sure to start my tee time off right with a Golf Energy Bar 1st Tee PLUS+ bar.
Food is our Energy
Apr 01, 2019
Whether you’re a weekend warrior on the course or golfing is your everyday job, the human body will always work the same. Food is our energy. What you put into your body gets turned into fuel for your activities throughout the day.